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SUPER LUTEIN Singapore Price & Special Promotion

Super Lutein Price in Singapore: $178 (List Price)

Content: 100 capsules



Free Delivery Option Available

Questions about Consumption, Dosage, etc. Answered by Experienced and Authorized Distributor

If you have any enquiries about the above promotion, please contact +65 96526095 

Frequently Asked Questions about SUPER LUTEIN

Can I take Super Lutein with tea or coffee?

There have been no reports of any chemical interaction between Super Lutein and caffeine. However, it is recommended to take Super Lutein with cool or warm water.

What time of the day should I take Super Lutein ?

Super Lutein can be consumed at anytime during the day. The capsules are small and soluble, and the main ingredients are basically food extracts, so it can be taken together with water without chewing. The daily recommended amount does not have to be taken at one time, and can be consumed at various times throughout the day if so desired.

Is Super Lutein high in calories?

The calorie count in 3 capsules — the daily recommended intake is only 10.1 kcal, and will not contribute to any weight gain.

Is it safe to take Super Lutein if I have allergies?

If you are allergic to wheat, fish, or gelatine, you should not take Super Lutein, as all these ingredients are present in Super Lutein. If you are unsure, please start off with one third of the daily recommended intake, and increase gradually in 1 - 2 weeks if no negative reactions occur. If you experience any allergic symptoms, please stop using the product immediately and consult your doctor.

Where should I store Super Lutein?

Super Lutein comes in softgel capsules, so avoid leaving it in cars or near electrical appliances that give out heat. Do not store Super Lutein in the fridge, as it would become dehydrated. You are advised to store it in a cool place away from direct sunlight. The following conditions may cause the quality of the product to change:

High temperature→Capsules may become misshapen, possibly causing the contents to leak.

Dryness→Capsules may harden and become brittle.

Humidity→Capsules may stick together.

Can I take Super Lutein if I am taking Warfarin (an oral anticoagulant)? Does Super Lutein contain vitamin K?

Super Lutein does not contain added vitamin K. However, 3 capsules of Super Lutein contain vitamin K in trace amounts of around 0.08 μg, which are transferred entirely from the raw ingredients. If you have any concerns, please consult your doctor. There have been no reports of drug interaction between carotenoids and Warfarin.

Can pregnant or lactating women take Super Lutein ?

Yes, provided the recommended daily intake 3 capsules is not exceeded. There have been no reports of any effect on pregnancy due to the main ingredients of Super Lutein. Also, β-carotene is found in breast milk. However, If you have any concerns, please consult your doctor.

Can I take Super Lutein if I am receiving dialysis treatment, and the doctor advised me to limit my intake of phosphor, potassium and sodium?

Phosphor and potassium are found in trace amounts in Super Lutein, and come from the raw ingredients. There is no added phosphor or potassium. As the amount is very small, the recommended daily intake of Super Lutein should not cause any problems. The sodium content per 3 capsules is only 2.22 mg. Should you have concerns, please consult your doctor.

Will my hands or feet turn yellow when I consume Super Lutein?

It is normal for the palms of the hands and soles of the feet to turn yellowish, similar to the reaction from eating many oranges. This is due to the presence of carotenoids from fruits and vegetables. It is a natural reaction and will not negatively affect your health in any way. If you are concerned, please reduce your daily consumption. The symptoms will disappear when you reduce or ease consumption.

Why is the colour of each capsule slightly different?

The main component of Super Lutein is carotenoids, which are naturally derived ingredients. The colour of the capsules may vary depending on their place of origin or time of harvest. This does not affect the quality of the product.

Is Super Lutein Halal certified?

Super Lutein (old version) has been certified Halal, with the Halal mark from the Japan Muslim Association displayed on the product label. Source of gelatine: calf The new 2019 version has NOT been Halal Certified yet.

All you need to know about LUTEIN - Features & Health Benefits

Five Benefits of Lutein

1. Protect against Eye Disorder

2. Helps protect Skin Health

3. Helps lower risk of Diabetes

4. Might help lower risk of Cancer

5. Can help maintain Heart Health 

• Most studies show that benefits are greatest when someone consumes 10mg or more of Lutein per day along with about 2mg of Zeaxanthin

• Recommended Lutein Dosage: Between 6mg and 30mg daily for adults

• Lutein is non-toxic and safe for consumption even in relatively high doses 

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