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Spinal Cord Injury (with English subtitle)

  • Due to an accident, Mr Onodera was told he would be confined to wheel chair for life.

  • A year after consuming Super Lutein, he could stand up with the help of a cane.
  • Subsequently, he could walk with a slight limp and eventually able to walk normally again.

Paralysis & Neck Injury (In Mandarin)

  • Two years ago, Mr Wen Fung had a car accident and was Paralysed from neck down.
  • The doctor said that he was likely to be Paralysed for life because of his neck injury.
  • His sister asked him to try Super Lutein as the product has helped some Japanese in similar conditions.
  • His mother mixed the content of Super Lutein with warm water and fed it to him through the nasal tube as he could not consume any food.
  • After that, he found that he could move his toes.
  • He was very happy and increased the dosage.
  • Subsequently he could move his fingers and palms, followed by his legs, stomach and chest.
  • Lastly he could also scratch his head if it was itchy - something he couldn't do for the past two months.

Recovery after Car Accident & Neck Injury (in Mandarin)

  • Ms Yueh Mei from Singapore was in a major car accident in Feb 2007 and suffered serious Head and Neck Injury.
  • For 5 years, she had difficulty performing simple daily tasks such as bathing, eating, etc.
  • She felt weak and hardly left her house.
  • A friend introduced her to Super Lutein and she started consuming 9 capsules a day.
  • After finishing one bottle (100 capsules), she felt that the numbness in the upper part of her head had diminished.
  • Three months later, she felt well enough to take on a part-time job. 

Car Accident Injury & Hypertension

  • This man was knocked down by a car that was reversing.
  • As a result he suffered from the following injuries: fractured bones on his spine, cracked skull and blood clot in his brain.
  • His aunty gave him Super Lutein & Izumio and said that the two products will help him with his recovery.
  • He was sceptical about the products, so took only one capsule Super Lutein in the morning and one packet Izumio at night.
  • Six weeks after discharge from hospital he went for his checkup, and was told that he does not have anymore blood clot (used to be about the length of two fingers).
  • Before the accident, he had been taking medications to manage his hypertension.
  • After taking Super Lutein & Izumio for 3 months, the doctor told him that his blood pressure had normalized and there was no need to take hypertension medication anymore.

Slipped Disc (in English)

  • Mr Abbit had a Spinal Problem which resulted in a Slipped Disc at the base of his spine.
  • It was so painful that he couldn't walk.
  • He consulted his doctor who only prescribed him painkillers.
  • Eventually he went for a disc decompression operation to relieve the pressure on his nerves.
  • When he got out of hospital, he was still in a lot of pain and was very depressed.
  • His wife asked him to try Super Lutein.
  • He went through a period of detoxification (extreme fatigue, etc..) for two weeks, but after that he felt that the pain had reduced significantly and he could walk much better than before.
  • He stopped taking the painkillers and is very happy that he has does not have to live in pain any more.

Nerve Injury (in Mandarin)

  • Madam Yu Chin shares the testimonial of her son who had nerve injury on his right arm since birth. As a result, his right arm was paralysed.

  • He had a series of operations from a young age, and also tried both western and traditional chinese treatments, but there was not much improvement in his condition.
  • Yu Chin's colleague recommended Super Lutein, and after consuming the product for one week, her son said that he could feel sensation in his right arm.
  • Subsequently, she also gave him Izumio, and the improvement was even more pronounced. He could move his thumb and later on his middle finger.

Back Pain (in Mandarin)

  • Madam Wong of Singapore had Back Pain for 30 years, ever since the birth of her child as she did not take good care of herself during her confinement period.
  • This caused her a lot of pain and she could not stand for a long period of time.
  • She also had Arthritis in her fingers.
  • Every morning she would wake up with her fingers "glued together", stiff and unable to move.
  • She tried a lof of treatments, including traditional chinese medicine, acupuncture and massage, but did recover.
  • After taking Super Lutein Mirtoplus and Izumio, her Back Pain and Arthritic Fingers improved tremendously.

Pelvic Bone problem


These testimonials are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease and its related medical conditions. They are the sole opinions, findings or experiences of individuals taking Naturally Plus' products. It does not guarantee results. Please seek your own medical advice if you have any concerns.

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