IZUMIO HYDROGEN WATER - Scientific Explanation

Professor Shigeo Ohta of Nippon Medical School, is the first person who found the benefits of hydrogen. In 2007, his study “Hydrogen acts as a therapeutic antioxidant by selectively reducing cytotoxic oxygen radicals” was published in Nature Medicine.

As a result of the publication, many people started paying attention to hydrogen therapy. To-date, more than 1000 hydrogen related studies have been published.

How Hydrogen remove Cytotoxic Oxygen Radicals

Professor Ohta explains How Hydrogen Water Helps Improve our Health 

Oxygen radicals are considered one of the root causes of cancer. How does hydrogen remove the oxygen radical?

According to Prof Ohta, hydrogen is the smallest element in the world. When 2 hydrogen atoms are put together, the result is the hydrogen molecule H2, which is soluble in both water and oil. The outside of the human cell is oil, whereas the inside is water. Because the hydrogen molecule is both water and oil soluble, and it is very tiny, it is able to go into the human body easily. So hydrogen can actually go into impaired cells and neutralize the oxygen radicals to inactivate the oxygen radicals.

Hydrogen has 2 functions.
1) Combines with the oxygen radical and make it disappear. When Hydrogen combines with oxygen, it becomes water, which is flushed out of our body through urination or perspiration.

2) It makes changes after entering the human body. It increases enzymes that diminish oxygen radicals.

Professor Ohta explains the Benefits of Hydrogen Water

Benefits of Hydrogen
1) Helps people feel less tired
2) Helps sweat easily by raising body temperature
3) Smoother blood flow
4) Treats allergy
5) Inhibits inflammation
6) Improves wound healing
7) Helps in urination
8) Helps reduce depression (experiment on mice)

Tyler LeBaron (Founder of Molecular Hydrogen Foundation) Explains Hydrogen Therapy

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