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(Radiotherapy and Tumour)

Hydrogen Water Enhances the Efficacy of Chemotherapy Drug (5-fluorouracil) on Colon Cancer

High-content hydrogen water can inhibit colon cancer, particularly in combination with 5-fluorouracil. (Published on 7 April, 2015)

Effects of drinking Hydrogen-rich Water on the quality of life of patients treated with Radiotherapy for liver tumors

Daily consumption of Hydrogen-rich Water is a potentially novel, therapeutic strategy for improving quality of life after radiation exposure. (2011)

The Effects of Hydrogen Water on Cancer & Chemotherapy - Lab Experiments by Prof S Ohta

Hydrogen Gas in Cancer Treatment

- Hydrogen Gas Relieves the Adverse Effects Related to Chemotherapy/Radiotherapy

- Hydrogen Gas Suppresses Tumor Formation

(6 August 2019)

Anti-Inflammatory and Anti-Tumor action of Hydrogen via reactive oxygen species

Hydrogen gas inhalation and oral administration of Hydrogen water could protect against inflammation in oxidative stress-related Cancer, and thus improve the antitumor effect in the clinical management of Cancer. (16 Sept 2018)

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