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(Mood, Anxiety, Parkinson's Disease & Alzheimer's Disease)

Hydrogen Water and Healthy Brain Function

Hydrogenized Water Effects on Protection of Brain Cells from Oxidative Stress and Glutamate Toxicity

Izumio was used as the material in this study (Jan 2018)

Hydrogen and Autism

Autistic children have less Grehlin.


Ghrelin as a promising therapeutic target for co-occurring autism and epilepsy.


Oral ‘hydrogen water’ induces neuroprotective ghrelin secretion in mice


Physical exercise and intermittent administration of lactulose may improve autism symptoms through hydrogen production


Hydrogen-Rich Water Ameliorates Autistic-Like Behavioral Abnormalities in Valproic Acid-Treated Adolescent Mice Offspring

HydrogenRich Water administration ameliorates autistic-like behavioral deficits. (6 August 2018)

The effect of Hydrogen Water on Parkinson's Disease

The studies suggest that hydrogen water is likely able to retard the development and progression of Parkinson's disease. (3 April 2009)

Hydrogen-rich water attenuates Brain Damage and Inflammation after traumatic brain injury in rats

Hydrogen Rich Water could exert a neuroprotective effect against traumatic brain injury and attenuate inflammation, which suggests Hydrogen Rich Water as an effective therapeutic strategy for traumatic brain injury patients. (29 jan 2016)

Hydrogen-rich water for improvements of Mood, Anxiety, and Autonomic Nerve Function in daily life

In conclusion, Hydrogen Rich Water administration for 4 weeks in adult volunteers improved mood, anxiety, and autonomic nerve function, suggesting that Hydrogen Rich Water administration may offer an effective method to reinforce quality of life and maintain good health.

(7 Dec 2017)

The role of Hydrogen in Alzheimer’s Disease

Hydrogen is a common non-toxic and safe medical gas, and its beneficial effects on Alzheimer's Disease have been confirmed in many studies, mainly through anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidative stress, anti-apoptotic and the regulation of both autophagy and hormone signaling pathway. (Oct 2018)

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