PARAMYLON ARX -  Euglena Supplement for Intestinal Health

The intestines are the gateway for the entry of vital nutrients to our body. For our overall health, it is important to pay attention to our digestive health. 

If you are worried about the effects of an unhealthy diet on your digestive health, then it is time to supplement your diet with Paramylon ARX, which is the result of a scientific breakthrough. The name comes from the main ingredient, paramylon, which is extracted from euglena; a species so unique that NASA spent more than 20 years trying to mass-cultivate it but did not succeed.

In 2005, a group of young scientists at the University of Tokyo succeeded in the mass cultivation of euglena for the first time. Not only does Paramylon ARX help clean the digestive system, the euglena extract provides an excellent balance of nutrition to the body. These synergistic benefits have led to an outstanding sales record for Paramylon ARX in Japan.

As our diets evolve, we consume more animal-derived proteins and fats. While these nutrients are essential, excessive consumption leads to risk of lifestyle-related diseases. One of the possible risks of lifestyle-related diseases lies in poor intestinal health.

Euglena Supplement, Paramylon ARX, cleanses the digestive system and promotes the growth of good bacteria. Its unique ingredients rejuvenate the digestive system and support the immune system.

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