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Naturally Plus Members' Income

Income of Elderly Japanese Members

Success Stories

  • Mr Wang Hongming from Taiwan first found out about Naturally Plus when he was 28 years old. 

  • At that time, he was an insurance agent. 

  • He was looking for a cure for his mother's eye condition and came across Naturally Plus on the internet. 

  • He attended a Naturally Plus seminar and met Mr Ozawa, who later became his mentor. 

  • At that time, he was earning quite a good income as an insurance agent, about RM400,000 (SGD150,000) a year.

  • However, Mr Ozawa's income was ten times more than Mr Wang's. 

  • He was very impressed, and started researching about this business.

  • After 4 years, he has more than 20,000 members in his group, from various countries, and his income the previous year was RM1.3 million (SGD500,000).

  • At the time when he started his career, not many people knew about Naturally Plus. 

Similarly, in countries where the company has just opened its office, he encouraged members to seize the golden opportunity of sharing the products and succeeding in the business.
  • Mr Ozawa was a successful leader in an MLM company about 8 years ago, before he was approached by a friend about Naturally Plus.

  • He spent one month travelling the whole of Japan, visiting people with testimonials, and seeing their medical reports to verify the truth of their claims.

  • He also visited successful members of Naturally Plus and asked to see their income statements.

  • As a result he was convinced that Naturally Plus was a company with an excellent product that would help him earn a generous passive income.

  • So he quit his previous MLM company and started at Naturally Plus from scratch.

  • After 3 years of hard work, his income was USD53,000 (SGD70,000) per month.

Currently his income is a whopping USD159,000 (SGD212,000) per month!
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