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Beijing TV Talk Show - Benefits of Hydrogen Water (in Chinese)

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CCTV Documentary on Hydrogen Rich Water (in Chinese)

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Indonesian News Report on Hydrogen Water

NHK News Report on Hydrogen Water (with English Subtitle)

A Japanese documentary on the research done on water from one of the Miracle Water Sites - Tlacote, Mexico showed healing effects on patients who were given the Miracle Water.

A research by a professor in Kyushu University shows that there is a high concentration of Active Hydrogen in the Tlacote water, compared to ordinary drinking water.

There are Miracle Water Sites around the world, the most famous being Lourdes in France, which claimed to heal hundreds. 

Lourdes Miracle Water Contains 550 ppt hydrogen whereas Izumio contains 2,600,000 ppt (4,700x more hydrogen!)

How & Why Hydrogen Water Works

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