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IZUMIO Singapore Price & Special Promotion

IZUMIO Price in Singapore:  

30 packs - $180 (LIst Price)

48 packs - $265 (List Price)



Free Delivery Option Available

Questions about Consumption, Dosage, etc. Answered by Experienced and Authorized Distributor

If you have any enquiries about the above promotion, please contact +65 96526095 

Frequently Asked Questions about IZUMIO

What sort of water is IZUMIO?

IZUMIO is water containing dissolved hydrogen. The original mineral content is preserved in the water, which makes it delicious for drinking and good for our health.

When and how much Izumio should I drink?

Izumio can be consumed at any time of the day. The recommended daily intake is one pack a day.

What is the pH value of Izumio?

Izumio is neutral. It can be absorbed without any burden to the body.

Note: The pH value is a measure of acidity or alkalinity levels.

Is Izumio suitable for everyone?

Yes, it is suitable for everyone from children to the elderly. For those who have to limit their water intake under a doctor’s prescription, please drink according to your doctor’s advice.

Is Izumio Halal Certified

Yes.The Jakim Halal Logo is printed on each Izumio pouch.

How long will the hydrogen last after a pack of Izumio is opened?

Once opened, hydrogen can escape from the pack easily, so please drink it as soon as possible after opening the pack. Close the cap tightly to store the contents of an unfinished pack. In addition, to prevent hydrogen from escaping, please drink directly from the aluminium foil packaging instead of pouring the water into a cup.

Where should I store Izumio?

Izumio can be stored at normal room temperature. Please store it in a refrigerator or in a cool dark place away from direct sunlight and high temperature.

How long is the shelf life of Izumio?

The Best Before date is indicated on the pack. The expiry date is 1 year from the date of manufacture. However, you are recommended to consume the product as soon as possible as the hydrogen dissolution rate decreases over time.

Can Izumio be frozen?

Do not store Izumio in a freezer. Please note that frozen Izumio can break apart easily if dropped.

Can Izumio be used for cooking, or to make coffee and tea?

Yes. However, the hydrogen escapes when heated or when used in cooking. You should consume Izumio directly from the pack in order to take in the hydrogen effectively. Also, please do not heat the aluminium foil packaging in the microwave.

How should I heat up Izumio?

Izumio can be heated up in a bowl containing hot water.

Is Hydrogen Water safe for consumption?


1) We produce it by our intestinal flora and we are exposed to it all the time.

2) It is used in deep sea diving since the 1940's to prevent decompression sickness.

How long does it take for Hydrogen to get into my bloodstream and how long does it remain in my body?

Depending on the amount of Hydrogen Water consumed, it will take between 5 to 20 minutes to reach our bloodstream and it will remain in our body for about one hour.

If I am young and healthy, do I need consume Izumio Hydrogen Water?

Yes, consuming Hydrogen Water maintains current state of health and helps prevent diseases.

What are the health benefits of Hydrogen Water?

Hydrogen Water may help in the following areas:

1) Prevention of Brain Damage

2) Improvement in Mood Disorders

3) Suppression of Inflammation

4) Reduction of Muscle Fatigue, Motor Deficits, and Muscle Degeneration

5) Prevention of Metabolic Syndrome

6) Weight Loss

7) Mitochondrial Function Enhancement

8) Diabetes Treatment

9) Treatment of Metabolic Acidosis

10) Prevention of Cancer

11) Skin Health

12) Bladder Dysfunctions Improvement

13) Cardio-Protective

14) Protection of the Eye

15) Allergy

16) Protection of the Liver

17) Gut Health

18) Pain Relief

 Hydrogen Water vs Alkaline Water

The real health benefits come from Hydrogen and NOT alkalinity of water.

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