What is IZUMIO?

IZUMIO is water with a very high concentration of Hydrogen. The original mineral content and pH level are not altered, resulting in a pleasant and familiar taste. 

Miracle Healing Water

There have been reports of people experiencing improvements in their health after drinking water from various MIracle Water sites such as:
Lourdes, France
Nordenau, Germany
Tlacote, Mexico and
Hita Tenryousui, Japan

Prof. S Shirahata of Kyushu University, Japan, did research on the water and discovered that these "miracle healing waters" actually contain a large amount of Molecular Hydrogen!

The concentration of Hydrogen at the various sites were measured and found to range between 100 to 550 ppt. However, IZUMIO at 2.6 million ppt has 4,700 times more Hydrogen than Lourdes Miracle water, which has the highest Hydrogen content among the four miracles sites.

How does Izumio Hydrogen Water Help Us?

  • Provides 6 times more hydration than regular water
  • Detoxifies our entire body
  • Promotes healing 
  • Slows down free radical damage
  • Reduces inflammation & allergy
  • Boosts skin health
  • Slows down progression of neurodegenerative diseases
  • Reduces muscle fatigue


1. Hydrogen is the smallest atom in periodic table. Its uniquely small size enables it to go to various parts of our body that is not accessible by other antioxidants.

2. Hydrogen helps reduce oxidative stress and inflammation in our body. Most diseases are caused by oxidative stress or free radicals.

4.  Hydrogen is a strategic antioxidant that only reacts with cell-damaging free radicals, and not those that have physiological roles or sustain life.

5. Hydrogen helps regulate or stimulate certain hormones such as Ghrelin and Leptin. This is beneficial for neurological disorders such as Parkinson's, Autism, Alzheimer's, etc., which lack Ghrelin secretion.

Why Choose IZUMIO?

1. IZUMIO is currently the best-selling hydrogenized water in Japan, a title it has held for 7 years consecutively from 2010-2016*. It is also hugely popular in Asia and the United States. In fact, it was included as an item in the 2017 Official Emmy Gift Bag given to the stars!
2. IZUMIO contains an extremely high concentration of hydrogen, with a dissolution ratio of 2.6ppm, one of the highest in the industry.

3. IZUMIO, with a high redox potential of -570~700 mv, helps prevent cells from being oxidised/ damaged.

*Based on hydrogenized water market in Japan (excluding generation equipment and supplement): No. 1 Brand by Sales Amount, 2010 – 2016. (Market share estimated from available public data and fieldwork interviews by Ipsos Japan, August 2017). 

Why Contact Us for IZUMIO?

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