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We are one of the fastest growing teams in Naturally Plus Singapore, and offer you the best guidance and mentorship needed for your success in this business!


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By sharing the goodness of Naturally Plus Products with at least two friends, you will be able to achieve one or more of the following:

1. Consume the product at a Lower Cost

2. Consume the product for Free

3. Earn Passive Income for current and future lifestyle needs and desires.

Naturally Plus uses a Group Purchase System, whereby everybody just need to consume at least one product.

Most traditional Direct Selling Companies require the members/ distributors to keep stock, sell and deliver products.

At Naturally Plus, when you become a member, you purchase the products directly from the office, and delivery is done by the company.

When you share about the goodness of the products with your friends, and they are interested, they sign up as members. Naturally Plus will handle the sale and delivery of the products. There is no need for you to keep stock, collect money or deliver products.

Naturally Plus uses the Binary System, whereby there are only the left and right legs. We just need to accumulate consumers below us. As a member, you just need to consume and share about the products.

Purchase one product monthly and share with at least two friends and you will be able to accumulate points/ income.

There are 9 bonuses in the Naturally Plus Compensation Plan. The most important bonus is the Day Cycle Bonus, which will cause our income to increase monthly.

Suppose, you introduce Super Lutein to a friend (Mary) and she shares with a friend, A. When A finds the product helpful, she also shares with B, who in turn shares with C.

Subsequently, you share with another friend (Jacky) and he introduces Super Lutein to D. This person also shares with E and E shares with F.

Now, there are 4 consumers on the left and 4 consumers on the right. Naturally Plus will bank in SGD62.50 to your bank account every month. Even though, the amount seem small, the snowballing effect of this system will eventually result in substantial income from the Day Cycle Bonus.

Supposing there are 3 more consumers (whom you do not know) on both sides, the company will pay you another SGD62.50 or a total of SGD125 every month.

Subsequently, when there are another 3 more consumers on both sides, your payout will be increased to 3 x SGD62.50 = SGD187.50.

Similarly another 3 more consumers on both sides, your income will increase to 4 x SGD62.50 =SGD250.

In the same manner, as the number of consumers increase, the payout will increase to 5 x SGD62.50, 6 x SGD62.50, etc. until finally 8 x SGD62.50 = SGD500 (which is one Full Cycle).

There is no sales target in Naturally Plus.

To be entitled to the bonuses, you need to have at least 2 Active Direct Sponsors.

If there are 13 members on your left and right legs, you will earn SGD250.

If there are 25 members each on both sides, you will get SGD500 (Full Cycle)

50 members each on both sides - SGD1000, etc.

1500 members each on both sides - SGD30,000

Your organisation comprises those you directly sponsor and many others whom you do not even know.

Leadership Bonus: Supposing you have only one direct sponsor (Bobby) and you fulfill the condition for Leadership Bonus entitlement, i.e consume two products a month. When Bobby achieves Full Cycle (25 consumers on each side) and earn a total of SGD500, Naturally Plus will reward you 25%, i.e SGD125.

A few years later, when Bobby has 1500 members on each side, and earns SGD30,000 monthly, you will be entitled to SGD7500.

If you also sponsor another person (Michelle) and she earns SGD500 (25 members on each side), you will also receive SGD125. Now that both sides of your organisation have consumers, you will also get Day Cycle Bonus.

Other Bonuses:

Frontier Bonus (Sponsor 10 persons) =Global Sales/ Frontiers Achievers

Spirit Bonus

Upper Spirit Bonus

Grand Spirit Bonus

You will get the latter bonuses as the consumers below you increase.

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