Izumio Testimonial - Psoriasis

Posted by on March 13, 2018 at 12:55 PM

Mr Ashy was diagnosed with hypertension and gout.

Doctor prescribed medication for his hypertension, but he developed skin problem (Psoriasis) after taking it.

His skin became so thick that it cracked and was very painful. 

He used various ointments and underwent laser treatment, which helped a little bit, but the condition would always return.

A friend recommended  IZUMIO, and he consumed two packets a day.

The following are his progress:

After the first carton (30 packets) - head and face became better 

After 2nd carton - back, chest and stomach improved. 

After 3rd carton, hand and legs got better.

His Gout condition also improved. He does not feel any pain in his legs when he consumes red meat or bean products.


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