• Five years ago, Mr. Oh Kai Kok went for a Glaucoma operation, but it was not successful.
  • He had Glaucoma, Cataract, Astigmatism, Floaters & Presbyopia/ Long Sightedness (450 degrees).
  • Currently he doesnt need glasses to read newspapers.
  • He feels young and fit as a result of taking Super Lutein & Izumio.
  • His Liver was harderned because of excessive liquor consumption.
  • He also suffered from Clogged Arteries, and found it extremely difficult and painful to squat down.
  • His Cholesterol went down from 285 to 190.
  • Mr Oh is very grateful that he has regained his health because of Super Lutein & Izumio.
  • He shares with many people and some of them have also joined him in consuming and sharing the products.
Prof Shigeo Ohta - Pioneer in Hydrogen Research
Prof Ohta looks younger at age 65 than at 50!
  • Testimonial of Famous Singapore Singer Chin Whai (70 years old)
  • Friends who have not seen him for some time commented that he looks younger than before.
  • He attributes his good health and youthfulness to Super Lutein & Izumio.
  • Mr Lim started consuming Super Lutein & Izumio 9 months ago.
  • Improvement experienced:

- Clearer vision,
- More energy,
- No more phlegm compared to before,
- No more skin itch and younger looking skin.

Lutein & Aging - Research

A new study examining Lutein and cognitive aging has found that Lutein may offer more than eye health benefits: it may also slow cognitive aging.

Hydrogen Water & Aging  - Research
The anti-oxidative effects of hydrogen-rich water suppress oxidative damage, which may aid in inhibiting age-related inflammatory reactions.

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