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AND (Activate New Drink) - For Beauty & Vitality

AND (Activate New Drink) by Naturally Plus contains five types of berries to help promote beautiful skin, as well as niacin and soy peptides to support vitality

Five types of Berries (For Beautiful Skin)

These brightly-coloured berries that grow under adverse conditions, have a refreshing taste and are known for their amazing adaptability and resilience. They can also be harnessed as a source of energy, giving us the healthy glow.

• Maqui Berry - Supporting overall health and wellness

• Lingonberry - Aromatic and packed with nutrients

• Raspberry - Beneficial nutrients for beautiful skin

• Seaberry - A fruit valued by Genghis Khan

• Blackcurrant - One of the blessings of Mother Earth

Three Main Ingredients (For Energy and Vitality)

1. Niacin

Commonly known as the vitamin B complex, there are eight B vitamins that help us stay energised throughout the day, supporting our active lifestyle. Out of the eight B vitamins, the AND contains four of them – B2, B6, niacin and folic acid.

They are also referred to as water soluble vitamins, and because they are not retained by our body, we need a regular intake of these vitamins. Niacin is known to play the important role of assisting enzymes in the body to convert food into energy, allowing us to perform our daily activities. About 60 – 70% of the energy required by our body is provided by the work of niacin.

2. Soy Peptides

AND contains a good balance of essential amino acids that cannot be synthesised by the body. Soybeans are used as a raw material, and soy peptides are derived from soybeans fermentation and enzymatic degradation. Peptides are formed when protein is broken down, and these peptides are made up of amino acids. Protein is made up of many blocks of amino acids, and is absorbed by the body after being digested and broken down. However, since peptides are already broken down, they are absorbed more easily by our body. It is said to be more effective than amino acid supplementation.

When one is on a diet or increases his/her physical activities, it is particularly easy to result in a shortage of amino acids. In times like these, AND can help supplement with the essential nutrients.

3. AC-11 ( An extract from the bark of the Cat’s Claw Vine)

Native to the depths of the rainforests in Peru and the Amazon, the Cat’s Claw Vine is considered rare even in its habitats. The Cat’s Claw Vine is named after the tendril at the base of its leaf, which possesses hooks that look like a cat's claws. Putting the bark through hot water extraction and concentrating the result produces "AC-11", an ingredient which has recently received a lot of attention for its benefits. Rich in AC-11, the AND seeks to support your active and healthy lifestyle with this beneficial ingredient.

AND Details

Contents: (50ml x 10 bottles) per box

Recommended Daily Intake:

First-time user - one bottle daily for 10 consecutive days. After that, consume 1 bottle every 3 days for maintenance.

Please shake well before consumption.

Ingredients: Soy peptides, erythritol, berry extracts (raspberry, blackcurrant, maqui berry, lingonberry, seaberry), cat’s claw extract / stabiliser (pectin, soy polysaccharide), vitamin C, flavouring, zinc gluconate, niacin, vitamin b2, vitamin b6, sweeteners (sucralose, stevia), folic acid.

Nutritional Value: 1 bottle (50ml)

Calories: 25kcal

Protein: 3.1gTotal

Fat: 0g

Total Carbohydrates: 3.4g

Sodium: 69mg

Niacin: 38mg

List Price: $265 per box (10 bottles)

Please call Authorized Distributor

+65 9652 6095 for more information.


When is the best time to consume the AND?

You can consume the AND at any time. However, because our body requires various nutrients for the maintenance of beauty and health when we sleep, it is recommended to consume the AND at the end of the day, during “Cinderella Time” (between 10pm to 2am).

Is it suitable for long-term consumption?

Yes, it is a product that supports “beauty” and “vitality”, so we recommend that you incorporate the AND into your beauty and health regimen.

Can the AND be consumed with other supplements or medicine?

The ingredients in AND are not known to react adversely with other supplements or medicine. However, if you have any concerns, please consult your regular doctor for clarification before consumption.

AND Testimonial


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